Romy Dya is a dynamic R&B/pop artist, songwriter and producer with a wealth of experience in the music industry. Having worked with acclaimed international artists such as Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes, her breakthrough moment came in 2017 when she was featured on the hit song ‘So Far Away’ by Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Jamie Scott. Her soulful and powerful vocals caught the attention of Billboard, who described her performance as ‘vulnerable and powerful’.

Despite having been in the industry for some time, Romy had mostly been working in the background as a songwriter and featuring artist. However, the success of ‘So Far Away’ made her realize that she no longer wanted to be in the shadows. It was a sign that her true purpose was to inspire people through her music and personality.

Romy’s music has always been a form of therapy for her, stemming from a difficult upbringing and turbulent youth. She ran away from home at just 14, struggled with addiction and found herself in juvenile detention. She never believed she was good enough for anything and battled with self-love, but her experiences have given her a powerful story to tell. Her lyrics are raw and honest, and her voice is filled with emotion and soul.

Now, she is embracing her identity and has become a strong and confident woman. Her mission is to inspire others through her music and story. With her upcoming EP ‘Transformation’, Romy Dya is set to take the world by storm and prove that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.